Enchanted Forest Crystal Infused Body & Room Mist

Enchanted Forest Crystal Infused Body & Room Mist

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Get ready to transport yourself to a little slice of magic all your own with Enchanted Forest Mist. 

Enchanted Forest Mist is crafted with vanilla, pine, and peppermint essential oils to give you a hint of the woodsy forest with a dash of sweetness and freshness making it the perfect holiday scent for those who love intoxicating natural soothing aromas. 

Each bottle is infused with a garden quartz crystal which promotes strength, self development, and breaking new grounds. Garden quartz contains pieces of fossilized plant matter which brings grounding and is great for those green souls in your life. 

  • Peppermint oil adds a hint of minty freshness and helps carry the other oils
  • Vanilla oil adds some sweetness to your life and adds complexity to this intoxicating aroma
  • Pine oil transports your soul and senses to an enchanted forest all your own 
  • Garden Quartz helps you take the next step to becoming your and best self and helps you break through obstacles 

Enchanted Forest is one of three holidays mists - each of them is perfect in its own way and would make a great gift for secret santas, stockings, gift baskets, hosts/hostesses, & pretty much everyone in between. 

All Noble Naturals products are scented with pure essential oils so you can receive the aromatherapy benefits of these botanicals. Most fragranced products on the market use artificial fragrances and perfumes which are harmful to the endocrine system and can have a negative impact on your health & hormones so it is best to always opt for products fragrances with only essential oils.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Peppermint Oil, Vanilla Oil, Pine Oil, Garden Quartz Crystal 

Directions: Mist your space and body with Enchanted Forest Mist to transport yourself to a sweet woodsy magical realm all your own. Each bottle comes with 120ml e. 4 oz.