Earth Goddess Bath  Oil

Earth Goddess Bath Oil

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Attention all earth goddesses, green witches, & spirits who need some refreshment and extra TLC! Earth Goddess Bath Oil is here to lift your spirits, refresh your soul, leave your skin silky smooth, and help you feel like the goddess that your are. 

Earth Goddess is a limited edition and will only be sold for the summer to enhance your bath rituals and celebrate the season. This beauty will help to promote THE most luxurious bath experience as it nourishes, softens, and clarifies your skin with plant antioxidants, omegas, and vitamins. 

Earth Goddess utilizes a blend of lime, bergamot, peppermint, and basil to promote a unique fresh scent that is both grounding and uplifting. As you bathe your skin will undergo a rich moisturizing treatment as the nourishing plant oils cling to your skin. 

  • Chia Seed Oil relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin and helps prevent premature aging 
  • Avocado Oil helps to protect the sun from harmful UV rays and boosts collagen metabolism 
  • Ricebran Oil boosts skin circulation and promotes healthy clear radiant skin 
  • Lime Oil cleanses and purifies the skin 
  • Peppermint Oil helps to keep your skin cool and has antibacterial properties 
  • Basil Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory with healing properties for small cuts, wounds, or sores 
For best results add 2 - 4 TBSP to bath once tub is full. Enjoy your bath and massage the oils on the surface into your skin as you bathe or before you towel off for extra soft smooth skin. Always be careful getting out of the tub after using oils in the bath. 
Ingredients: Coconut (MCT) Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Ricebran Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Lime Oil, Peppermint Oil, Bergamot Oil, Basil Oil 
Earth Goddess comes in a 100ml e. 3.4 oz reusable/recyclable green glass bottle 

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